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Our Line of the Triplett Family
The focus of the Triplett family tree at this site include descendants of #5 Abel Triplett (below)

The is a follow up to the story of James Lorin (or Loren) Triplett, son of Lott.

(7) Lott Triplett, father of James Lorin (above), was born May 21, 1834 in Guernsey County, Ohio. He grew to manhood and married Mary Melissa Meighen in the same county on February 25, 1856. Lott and Mary's children included Emma Virette, James Lorin, and Melissa Caroline. Soon after daughter Emma's birth in Ohio in August 1857, Lott relocated to a farm in Warren County, Illinois. This is the county where other members of Lott's immediate family also moved, including his widowed mother Mary, his brother Simeon, and his sisters Miranda (Minnie), Rebecca and Sarah. It was in Warren County that Lott's son James was born, where his brother and sisters married, and it was also there that Lott died at a relatively young age in September 1862. Following Lott's early death, pregnant Mary and her two young children moved back to Ohio, while other members of the immediate Triplett family remained in Warren County.

(6) James Triplett, father of Lott (above), was born May 14, 1782 in Loudoun County, Virginia, a son of Abel and Mary Triplett. James descended from the Tripletts who first arrived in Virginia from England sometime prior to 1660. As such the Tripletts have a long and prosperous history not only in Virginia but among the many descendants who migrated to other regions of an expanding new country.

In 1809, Lott's father James Triplett was first married in Loudoun County, Virginia to Ruth Heskett. James and Ruth started their family in Virginia but by 1815 had moved to Ohio. James and Ruth had seven [known] children, five of whom were born in Ohio, including Nathaniel, Mortimer, Catherine, Alvah, Caroline, Paton, and Dolphin. The mother of these children, Ruth, died at age 49 in March 1831 leaving James a widower with four surviving children. Shortly after James Triplett married Mary Kinnick, a native of Maryland who had moved to Ohio with her widowed mother and other members of her immediate family. James and Mary were to have seven children, including Minnie, Lott, Walter, John, Simeon, Rebecca, and Sarah.

James died 19 Nov 1848 at the age of 66, and eldest surviving son Mortimer Triplett was appointed administrator of his father's estate. As there was not enough in James; personal estate to pay all the debts, his farm was sold at public auction for $900 on 8 Dec 1949. James was buried in Beaver Baptist Cemetery, near Batesville, not far from their farm home Almost ten years later James' wife Mary moved to Illinois with her children during the late 1850s. Mary passed away at age 77 in Warren County, Illinois on May 10, 1882, and was buried at Hickory Point Cemetery in Warren County.

(5) Abel Triplett, father of James (above), was born perhaps in the early 1750s in Virginia. Abel was a son of Thomas Triplet and Elizabeth Grimes, and is said to have married a Mary [Lewis?] by 1773 in Loudoun County, VA. His name appears in the Loudoun County tax lists (1769-1812) as well as in the Loudoun County Militia (1794). His name is last mentioned (in apparent records) in the inventory of his mother Elizabeth's estate taken on November 11, 1822. Among Abel and Mary's children included Micajah, Reuben, Stephen, Mary (Gilham), James (above) and Joel, many of whom moved to Ohio to establish their own farms. Although not much is known of Abel and Mary's later whereabouts, a family history suggests Abel moved to Ohio with some of his children, and that he may have died sometime after 1830 at the home of son Stephen who had moved from Ohio to Bureau County, Illinois by 1834.

(4) Thomas Triplett, father of Abel (above), was born about 1725 in Fairfax County, Virginia, and married Elizabeth Grimes about 1747. Thomas was a son of Francis Triplett and Elizabeth Browne, and was a trooper in the French and Indian War, March, 1756. Thomas' father died about 1758 and he inherited 200 acres of land on Goose Creek on which he lived for a time. He then purchased 233 acres of land on North River in Hampshire County, Virginia. After a few years, he moved back to Loudoun County with his family. Thomas died about 1769 and did not leave a will. An inventory was taken of his property on March 12, 1769, and his son Enoch was granted administration of his property on March 13, 1769. Elizabeth lived for more than 50 years after her husband died. An inventory was taken of her property November 11, 1822. It includes the following:
Members of Thomas and Elizabeth's family included Elizabeth (Duncan), Enoch, Thomas, Abel (above), Greenberry, Peggy (Bazzell), Mary Ann, and Frederick. A number of children of Enoch, Thomas and Abel left Virginia and initially settled in Ohio, some remaining there. Sons Greenberry and Frederick are known to have settled in Kentucky.

(3) Francis Marion Triplett, father of Thomas (father of Abel), was born in the Richmond, Virginia area around the turn of the 18th century. He was a son of Francis and Mary Triplett, his father dying while Francis Marion was just an infant. Francis' mother Mary remarried Hugh French and it was Hugh who helped Francis apprentice under a ship master named Lutwidge [Ledwidge] to learn the trade of mariner. After a few years Francis Marion Triplett left this trade to become a brick mason. He married Elizabeth Browne sometime in this timeframe and they had at least 8 children. Francis patented five hundred and five acres of land in what was then Prince William County on Goose Creek in 1741. This area was later included in Fairfax County when it was formed, and in 1757 the area became part of the new county of Loudoun. It was in October 1757 that Francis Marion signed his will, which was proved November 22, 1758. In his will he gives the names of many of his children, including Thomas, William, Daniel, Mason, john, Margaret, Francis, and Polly (Pally).

The Will of Francis Triplett, 1757 (Fairfax County Will Book B page 195)

(2) Francis Triplett, father of Francis Marion Triplett (above), was born about 1672 in old Rappahannock, Virginia. He married Mary [Brown] at the turn of the 18th century and they had two [known] children before Francis died at about age 32 in Richmond County, Virginia. On October 4, 1704, his wife Mary was granted letters of administration to administer the estate of her late husband, Francis Triplett, in Richmond Co., VA. His wife Mary, still in her twenties, remarried Hugh French. Along with her Triplett children, Francis and Mary, mother Mary had additional children with Hugh French, including Margaret, Hugh, Elizabeth, Mason, and Daniel French.

(1) Francis Triplett, father of Francis (above), and grandfather of Francis Marion Triplett, was born in England about 1634. His arrival in the new Colony is thought to be somewhere around 1660. He married a young widow named Abigail Nichols (maiden name Huse or Hewes) in Rappahannock, Virginia in October 1664. In the headright system, any person who could pay for the passage of another person from England to Virginia, could receive a patent of 50 acres for each one transported. Francis Triplett and his brother-in-law Peter Jett transported 28 persons, most of whom Francis paid for, and for this he received a patent of 1,050 acres of land, on the south side of the Rappahannock River, signed by Governor Berkley in December, 1666. Francis and Abigail raised their family in the Virginia colony, and their children appear to have included Thomas, William, Francis (#2 above), and Elizabeth.
Francis dated his will November 24, 1700. It was proven on March 4th, 1701, in Richmond County, Virginia. The will mentions his wife as well as some of his children and grandchildren. It disposes of his 200 acre plantation, another tract of 1,050 acres and several smaller tracts. His will follows:

Will of Francis Triplett, 1700   (Richmond County wills and inventories, book 1699-1709, p. 41-42)

Compiled from various sources by Dennis Walsh, September 2005.  

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