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Descendants of Philip and Mary (Sullivan) Sechrist
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My interest is the family of Sophronia Caroline Secrest, born about April 1844 in Indiana, and who is buried at Lingle Cemetery, Ashland twp, Morgan Co., Indiana. She is referred to as Frony in the 1850 Ray township census, and as Phrona in the 1860 Ray township census, living in the household of her father Andrew. She is referred to as daughter Franey C. in her father Andrew's 1871 obituary. Sophronia married Francis C Anders in Morgan County on April 08, 1866. She is the impetus for this article on the descendants of Philip Sechrist, many members of the family moving to Morgan County, Indiana prior to 1850.

Philip Sechrist married Mary (Polly) Sullivan about June 10, 1815 in Rowan County, North Carolina, according to available records. They farmed in the Lexington area of Rowan County, North Carolina which became part of Davidson County when it was formed in 1822. According to the early census records Philip's last name was commonly spelled Seachrist in North Carolina, although variant spellings were also known. All of Philip and Mary's children were born in North Carolina and, based on probate and census records, they included Jesse, Andrew, Elizabeth, Calvin, David, Barsheba (Basha), William A, Linzey, Carrie, Ellender, Parker and Pleasant. Pleasant was the last of the children and he was born about 1840. Many of Philip and Mary's eldest children were married in North Carolina, notably their eldest son Jesse in 1838, their son Calvin in 1842, and their son David about the same time. It is the belief of this author that two of the older daughters, Elizabeth and Barsheba, were also married in North Carolina. There is one exception to be noted here, and that was the second eldest son Andrew. Andrew appears to have moved to Indiana as early as the late 1830s, and he was followed by other members of Philip's family sometime during the 1840s.

Not all members of this Sechrist family made the trip to Indiana. Jesse, who married Mary Owens in 1838 Davidson Co., North Carolina, remained in the area to raise his large family of at least 14 children. This author believes that eldest daughter Elizabeth married David Everhart about 1844 in North Carolina and her family also remained in North Carolina. In addition, daughter Barsheba (aka Basha) appears to have married Jacob Everhart and also remained in North Carolina.

As for the remainder of the family, including parents Philip and Mary, they all appear to have moved to the Ray township area of Morgan County, Indiana where they are found in the 1850 census. The possible exception here is daughter Carrie, whose whereabouts is unknown to this author. Morgan County was an area that other Sechrist families from North Carolina also moved to, as indicated in this article on
Secrest - Sechrist Families of Morgan County, Indiana.

Philip Sechrist farmed in the Ray township area until his death in 1863, followed shortly after by his wife Mary. Three of their youngest sons, William, Parker and Pleasant, served in Company H, of the 79th Indiana Infantry Regiment during the Civil War, two of them ultimately losing their lives as a result. Their son Andrew married Phoebe Knoy in 1846 Morgan County, the Knoys (or Kanoys) also making the migration to Indiana from the Rowan/Davidson County, North Carolina area. Andrew Secrest was the father of Sophronia (above mentioned) by a previous marriage.

Philip's parents are unknown to the author, although his connection to that part of Rowan County which became Davidson County, North Carolina appears proven in early census and marriage records. This was the same area in North Carolina that other Sechrist/Secrest migrated from when they cam to Morgan County, Indiana. Mary Sullivan's parents are thought to be William and Eleanor Sullivan who both passed away in 1830s Davidson County, NC.

The remainder of this article treats the children of Philip and Mary, at least 11 of whom appear in various records. The reader must be warned that some of the information below is still under research, in particular the families of Elizabeth and Barsheba who appear to have both married into the Everhart family in North Carolina. Other family members are well documented, and seem confirmed through analysis of marriage, census, death and in some cases, individual family histories.

Jesse Sechrist, the eldest son of Philip and Mary was born July 15, 1816 in Rowan County, North Carolina. He married Mary (Polly) Owens on November 08, 1838 in Davidson County, and they had a family of at least 13 children. They raised their family in Davidson Couny and the two spent the remainder of their days in Davidson County, Mary dying in September 04, 1872, and Jesse remarrying Nancy Myers on March 29, 1874. Jesse lived to be age 83, dying on October 26, 1899, and was buried at Heath Cemetery in Davidson County.
Jesse and Mary's children included son Lindsay Sechrist (August 06, 1839 - May 09, 1865) ; Teresa Clementine Sechrist (January 17, 1841 - May 02, 1912) ; Eli Kingsberry Sechrist (October 22, 1842 - March 15, 1924), married Angeline Myers on May 13, 1866 ; Delphinia Camiline Sechrist (December 07, 1844 - April 24, 1863) ; Alvanie Emeline Sechrist (January 10, 1848 - November 04, 1911), married Robert J Imbler on May 15, 1884 ; Norman H Sechrist (April 13, 1849 - October 30, 1853) ; William Harrison Sechrist (May 05, 1851 - January 18, 1914), married Mary Caroline Cecil on January 05, 1882 ; Susannah Jane Sechrist (February 15, 1853 - October 12, 1853) ; Irina Angeline Sechrist (December 16, 1854 - September 22, 1950), married Jacob Crouse on October 26, 1873 ; Esther J Sechrist (born abt. 1855) ; Barsheba Adeline Sechrist (June 01, 1857 - August 09, 1900), married Julius Lambeth on January 01, 1874 ; John R Sechrist (July 06, 1860 - April 18, 1863) ; possibly Mary C Sechrist (August 12, 1862 - June 14, 1892) ; and Henry M Sechrist (August 04, 1863 - August 23, 1890), married Emily Jane Lambeth on July 25, 1889. All of Jesse and Mary's children were born in Davidson County, and many were married in the same county.

Andrew Sechrist, the 2nd eldest son of Philip and Mary was born about October 25, 1819 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Andrew lived in the Morgan County, Indiana most of his married life, and he died about April 14, 1871. Andrew's first spouse and marriage location are unknown to this author, but his first two children were born in Indiana, and included Ira W Secrest (abt 1839 - January 10, 1863), married Marietta Secrest on March 21, 1861 ; and Mary or Margaret Secrest (born abt 1841 - later whereabouts unknown).
Andrew appears to be the one who married Katherine Seachrist on July 23, 1843 in Morgan Co., Indiana; and his 3rd child Sophronia Caroline Secrest (April 1844 - August 24, 1916), married Francis C Anders on April 08, 1866, seems a child of this union. Refer to the Anders family history for additional information on Francis and Sophronia.
Andrew Sechrist married Phoebe Knoy on September 01, 1846 in Morgan Co., Indiana and to this union were born at least 8 children, which included Arthur Hamilton Secrest (May 30, 1847 - April 06, 1920), married Clara H Gray on October 20, 1872, and also married Eliza Jane Carter on November 12, 1912 ; George Washington Secrest (June 16, 1849 - August 26, 1916), married Mary Ellen DeSpain on July 07, 1870, and also married Mary Elizabeth Asher on March 07, 1880 ; John W Secrest (July 1851 - July 1925), married Emma R Powell on January 01, 1874, and also married Sarah J Head on November 27, 1884 ; Andrew Lee Secrest (abt. October 1853 - abt. 1937), married Laura A Foxworthy on February 16, 1876, and also married Sarah Rebecca Pottorff Cummins on July 24, 1887 ; Eva Catherine Eva Secrest (March 1856 - 1928), married John William Stierwalt on June 08, 1889 ; Peter or Stephen D Secrest (June 1860 - after 1869) ; Ebenezer Sherman Secrest (April 06, 1865 - June 18, 1952), married Martha S Risher on September 02, 1897, and also married Margaret A Richison on April 12, 1921 ; Adaline [Addie] L Priscilla Secrest (September 12, 1868 - December 15, 1928), married Howard Jackson Head on April 03, 1897.

Elizabeth Sechrist, perhaps the eldest daughter of Philip and Mary was born about 1821 in Rowan Co, North Carolina. If this author is correct she seems to have married a Sappenfield about 1840 in Davidson Co., North Carolina. They had two children, including Andrew Sappenfield (abt 1841 - September 18, 1864) and David Sappenfield (abt 1843 - August 01, 1864), both of whom died in the Civil War in Richmond, Virginia. Elizabeth next married David Everhart about 1844 in Davidson Co., North Carolina. They had six children prior to David's apparent death between 1856-1860 in Davidson County. Their children included Emanuel Everhart (November 05, 1845 - June 11, 1917), married Catharine Shuler on March 27, 1866 ; Sarah Ann Everhart (abt 1848 - aft 1900), married William Riley Brown on September 04, 1866 ; Miranda Everhart (abt 1850 - after 1870) ; Lundy Everhart (abt 1852 - later whereabouts uncertain) ; Parker Everhart (abt. December 1853 - betw 1900-1910), married Isabelle Brown on January 07, 1878 ; and Mary Elizabeth Everhart (March 22, 1858 - January 20, 1929), married 1st Jacob Wesley Everhart on December 28, 1884, and married 2nd Henry Wilson Call on October 08, 1922.
Elizabeth Everhart is believed to have moved to Forsyth County, North Carolina sometime after the death of her second husband. This is the county of marriage for some of her younger children. Elizabeth was still living in 1880.

Calvin Sechrist, the 3rd [known] son of Philip and Mary was born about February 21, 1822 in Rowan/Davidson County, North Carolina. He married Nancy Kathryn Varner on August 14, 1842 in Davidson Co., North Carolina. Their first child was born in North Carolina, and the family moved to the Morgan County, Indiana area where the remainder of the known children were born. Calvin died on January 28, 1881, and Nancy on August 16, 1890, both buried at Lingle Cemetery in Ashland township, Morgan Co., Inidana. Their children included Emeline Jane Secrest (November 1844 - January 02, 1909), married Daniel Knoy on November 17, 1892 ; Hannah Secrest (November 1846 - after 1909), married James Kennedy on October 06, 1883 ; McKinsey [Mack] J Secrest (December 1847 - betw.1903-1910), married Mary E Wood on March 28, 1871, and also married Catherine Smith on June 27, 1903 ; James Lafayette Secrest (February 01, 1851 - 1933), married Sarah Elizabeth Warthen on January 24, 1875 ; Lydia Catherine Secrest (January 18, 1853 - July 03, 1926), married Ephraim Ratts, Jr on March 12, 1876 ; Jemima Secrest (March 04, 1855 - June 21, 1927), married William F Warthen on February 20, 1879 ; Morgan Jackson Secrest (May 22, 1859 - February 25, 1919), married Sarah Emily Asher on November 02, 1882 ; Willard Secrest (abt 1862 - September 06, 1901), married Ettie Wilhite on August 10, 1884 ; and Thomas H Secrest (abt 1866 - before 1898), married Martha E Wilhite on August 04, 1888.

David Sechrist, the 4th [known] son of Philip and Mary was born about 1823 in Davidson County, North Carolina. David married Barbary Myers about 1842 in North Carolina, and it was in this State their first two [known] children were born. By 1847 the family moved to Morgan County, Indiana where additional children were born. In the mid to latter 1850s the family moved to the Clarke Co., Iowa area where it is believed that David died sometime before 1857, and where widowed Barbary is shown with six children in the household. In Iowa the surname changed to Secrease, and it is believed the 6 children included Susan Secrease (July 17, 1843 - December 30, 1919), 1st married James A Erwin on December 06, 1876 in Clarke Co., Iowa, and 2nd married William Gearhard on October 04, 1885 in Madison Co., Iowa; Robert W Secrease (1846 - 1891), married Sarah Elizabeth Garst on February 25, 1869 in Madison Co., Iowa ; Barsheba [Basha] Secrease (January 17, 1847 - July 09, 1896), married John W Garst (Sarah Garst's brother) on June 13, 1872 in Madison Co., Iowa ; Mary C Secrease (abt 1850 - January 08, 1911), married Jacob Foreman on March 3, 1872 in Clarke Co., Iowa ; Angeline Secrease (January 1851 - October 23, 1909), 1st married Zachariah T Mann on February 21, 1869 in Clarke Co., Iowa, and 2nd married William Kelley on March 20, 1872 in Clark Co., Iowa ; and daughter Margaret Secrease (born about 1853 - later status after 1860 uncertain).
After David's death Barbary Secrease remained in the area, she married William Talbert Mitchell on March 15, 1859 in Clarke Co., Iowa and had a son named John A Mitchell. Barbary died April 01, 1917 at the age of 93 and she was buried at Hartman Cemetery, in Ohio township, Madison Co., Iowa, where her tombstone mentions she was a daughter? of Peter Myers.

Rebasheba (Barsheba, Basha) Sechrist, daughter of Philip and Mary was born about 1825 in Davidson County, North Carolina. If this author is correct she married Jacob Everhart about 1849 in Davidson County, North Carolina. Jacob may have been a brother of David Everhart, who married Basha's older sister Elizabeth, and both are possible children of Johannes Jacob and Mary Magdalena Eberhard. The two Everhart-Sechrist families were enumerated next to one another in the 1850 census. Known children of Jacob and Barsheba Everhart included Madison [Mack] Everhart (born abt 1851), married Isabell Elizabeth Everhart on May 24, 1874 ; Mary Emeline Everhart (August 04, 1853 - March 29, 1915), married Christopher Columbus Burkhart on February 11, 1886 ; Joseph Everhart (July 01, 1859 - January 15, 1940), married Sarah Jane Hepler on November 27, 1890 ; Sarah Elizabeth Everhart (abt 1864) ; and Albert Everhart (abt 1866 - September 06, 1887). The family remained in the Lexington, Davidson Co., North Carolina area, both Jacob and Basha listed in the 1880 census there.

William Alexander Secrest, son of Philip and Mary was born June 05, 1829 in Davidson County, North Carolina. He was first married to Frances [Franky] Laura Warthen in Morgan County, Indiana on August 26, 1850. They had a family of three children prior to Franky's early death in March 1854. Their children included Mary Elizabeth Secrest (May 19, 1851 - December 10, 1923), married George Alexander Burkhart on September 19, 1872 ; William Alexander Secrest (August 13, 1852 - March 24, 1883), married Nancy Ellen Burkhart on November 30, 1873 ; and Malinda Jane Secrest (March 29, 1854 - February 12, 1914), married James Henry Rodgers on February 27, 1876.
William Secrest [Sr.] married a second time to Harriett E Stiles on August 18, 1857, and they remained in the Morgan County, Indiana area where the first 7 of their 10 known children were born. It was in the latter 1870s the family moved to the Martinsville area of Clark County, Illinois, the place William Secrest passed away on April 09, 1901, buried at Ridgelawn Cemetery. William and Harriet's children included Sanford Perry Secrest (October 1858 - November 1936), married Nancy Isabelle Young on April 10, 1880 in Clark Co., Illinois, and also married Ella Clark on January 24, 1901 in Hancock Co., Indiana ; Tillena [Candace?] Secrest (born July 1860 - after 1930), married Duncan C Hathaway on June 17, 1885 in Clark Co., Ilinois ; Warden [Ward] C Secrest (August 22, 1862 - Abt. April 1952), married Cora B Cunningham on July 05, 1885 in Clark Co., Ilinois; Lincoln D Secrest (September 1864 - October 1939), married Lyra Gladys Ishler on December 24, 1885 in Clark Co., Ilinois ; Manza Lilla Secrest (April 1869 - March 08, 1948), married William L Garrison on November 14, 1899 in Clark Co., Ilinois; Charles Secrest (May 1873 - April 10, 1920), married Alta F Emely on March 12, 1898 in Clark Co., Ilinois ; Arminda [Minnie] Secrest (abt August 1875 - June 1944), married C. Edward Cottom on July 20, 1898 in Clark Co., Ilinois ; Thomas Secrest (October 09, 1877 - August 28, 1902), married Bertha Ellen Doran on March 18, 1901 in Vigo Co., Indiana ; Dollie Secrest (August 06, 1882 - Oct 1970), married Robert Ira Stroup on August 15, 1906 in Vigo Co., Indiana ; and Joseph W Secrest (November 1888 - August 1910).

Linzey (Lindsey, Linzy, etc.) Secrest, son of Philip and Mary was about 1832 in Davidson County, North Carolina. Linzey first married Easter I Bullen [Bullin] on September 28, 1852 in Morgan County, Indiana, and had one known child before Easter's early death. This was daughter Martha A Esther Secreas (August 01, 1853 - 1938) who married Richard Perry Saint February 28, 1869 in Clarke Co. Iowa. Linzey moved his family to Clarke County, Iowa shortly after Martha's birth, joining some of the other Bullin families as well as his older brother David in the trek to this county. In Iowa the family name seems to have changed to Secreas, similar to the change made in David's family. It was in Clarke County, Iowa that Easter died on January 10, 1855, and it was perhaps near there that Linzy married for a second time.
Linzey Secrest secondly married Sarah Ann Conner about 1856, and they had three known children born in Iowa, including Zilpha Ellen Secreas (July 12, 1858 - June 25, 1931), married James M Funkhouser abt 1874 ; Mary Alice Secreas (abt 1861- betw. 1885-1900), married Jacob R Mains on November 10, 1879 in Fremont Co., Iowa ; and Florence Virginia (Jennie) Secreas (August 26, 1863 - April 05, 1930), married Willis G Merritt on February 26, 1882 at Whiting, Monona Co., Iowa. Both Zilpha Funkhouser and Jennie Merritt were in Monona Co., Iowa in 1885. Linzey and Sarah divorced in the latter 1860s and both were remarried shortly after 1870. Sarah remarried James M Kimbrell on December 06, 1871 in Fremont Co., Iowa and they moved to Klickitat Co., Washington.
Linzey Secrest married for a third time to Nancy Jane Hogg (dau. of John Hogg) on November 05, 1872 in Hickory Co, Missouri. Linzey and Nancy had 5 known children, all likely born in Missouri, and they included James Secreas (abt 1874 - April 15, 1896), married Ann Edith Enyart on December 28, 1893 in Lexington, Lafayette Co., Missouri ; Henry Secreas (abt 1875 - aft 1910), married widowed Effie Elizabeth Weekley Nichols abt 1900, and 2nd married Dorothy ?? abt 1905 ; Sarah Netta Secreas (July 27, 1878 - aft 1930), married Amos N Heaton on April 30, 1902 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri ; William Warner Secreas (July 19, 1879 - February 14, 1956), married Rose A Spence on August 13, 1902 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri ; and Mary V Secreas (September 27, 1884 - October 15, 1932), married John Neilon on December 23, 1901 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri. Linzey Secrest served in Co. H, 9th Iowa Cavalry during the Civil War and filed an invalid pension in Missouri in February 1882. In the 1890 Veterans census for Buckner post office, Jackson Co., Missouri he is listed as Linzy Secrease, discharged from Civil War service on November 16, 1865. Linzey is said to have passed away in/near Odessa, Missouri on January 12, 1896. By the time of the 1900 census his widowed wife Nancy is cited living in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri. Nancy died there on August 03, 1914.

Ellender Secrest, daughter of Philip and Mary was about April 1835 in Davidson County, North Carolina. Like the other younger members of the family she made the trek to Morgan County, Indiana with her parents. Ellender married there to widowed Stokeley R Stiles on September 13, 1859, and they had 3 known children. They remained in Morgan County where Stokeley died December 29, 1912, and Ellender on July 17, 1914, both buried at Bethlehem Cemetery. Their 3 children included Indiana Stiles (August 22, 1862 - December 24, 1947), married Thomas Jefferson Newburn on February 08, 1880 in Morgan Co., Indiana ; Ida B Stiles (December 25, 1864 - June 18, 1893), married Peter Newburn on February 27, 1887 in Morgan Co., Indiana ; and Candacy Stiles (May 24, 1869 - March 18, 1953), married 1st to Albert V Bishop on February 26, 1887 in Morgan Co., Indiana, and 2nd married William C Curtis on September 22, 1909 in Morgan Co., Indiana.

Corkus Parker Secrest, son of Philip and Mary was about 1838 in Davidson County, North Carolina. Parker, like his brothers William and Pleasant, enlisted in Company H of the 79th Indiana Infantry Regiment on August 15, 1862. He served a short time before he died in Nashville on January 25, 1863. He was buried at Nashville National Cemetery, as was his cousin Ira W Secrest (1st son of Andrew).

Pleasant M Secrest, son of Philip and Mary was about 1840 in Davidson County, North Carolina. Pleasant served in Company H of the 79th Indiana Infantry Regiment for a year before he received a disability discharge on August 24, 1863. He died at home a few weeks later from chronic diarrhea, and is buried at Lingle Cemetery in Ashland township, Morgan County, Indiana.

This article only scratches the surface for the many descendants of Philip and Mary Sechrist / Secrest. There is more to be shared, discussed and updated.

Article compiled by Dennis Walsh, February 2005.