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McGuire Family
Ireland, Wisconsin, Iowa

Family of James McGuire and Bridget Colgan
Patrick Maguire, (abt November 12, 1837 - unknown), later status unknown
Matthew McGuire (abt July 11, 1839 - March 29, 1923), married Jane WOOD on October 06, 1872
missing McGuires it is likely other children were born between 1841-1844, but parish records are missing
Mary McGuire (October 21, 1845 - August 08, 1920), married Patrick SOLON on November 12, 1866
Ann McGuire (1850 - August 25, 1936), married Edward Quinlan in January 1873
Edward McGuire (c.1853 - aft 1929), married Elizabeth Egan on November 18, 1884
Elizabeth McGuire (c.1854 - bet. 1895-1900), married Thomas SOLON on November 28, 1872
James McGuire (c.1855 - aft 1929), married Margaret Egan on May 18, 1897


James Maguire and Bridget Colgan were married February 06, 1837 in the Roman Catholic parish of Castlerahan, County Cavan, the record citing an address of Castlerahan. The witnesses at the marriage were James Colgan and Patrick Brady. Among the children of James and Bridget who were baptized in County Cavan included:
- Patrick Maguire, baptized in/near Cormaddyduff, Castlerahan RC Parish, County Cavan on November 12, 1837, sponsors were John Maguire and Mary Colgan.
- Mathew Maguire, baptized in/near Cormaddyduff, Castlerahan RC Parish, County Cavan on July 11, 1839, the sponsors were Luke Magennis and Anne Colgan.
- Mary Maguire, who is thought to have been born in County Cavan, about 1845, her baptism not located in the Cavan records.

The family of James and Bridget emigrated from Ireland during the latter part of the 1840s, and included their children Mathew and Mary. The family then settled in the Highland area of Iowa County, Wisconsin by 1850, and it was in this area the remaining children were born, including Ann, Edward, Elizabeth and James. The family was listed in Highland according to the 1855 and 1860 census recorsds.

Daughter Mary was the first of the children to marry. She married Civil War veteran Patrick Solon at St. Philip's Catholic Church in Highland, Wisconsin on November 12, 1866, and her family moved to Soiux County, northwestern Iowa by 1870. The 1870 census places the remaining McGuire family in Highland, including James, Bridget, Matthew, Ann, Edward, Elizabeth and James Jr. By the early 1870s two of the other older children relocated to northwestern Iowa, where eldest son Matthew married Jane Wood in 1872, and daughter Ann married Edward Quinlan in 1873. Also in 1872 daughter Elizabeth McGuire married Thomas Solon, Patrick's brother, in Highland, Wisconsin and they remained in the Highland area, establishing a farm across the border in Grant Co., Wisconsin.

About June 08, 1873, the elder James McGuire passed away in Highland at about the age of 70. Sons Edward and James Jr. remained with their widowed mother in Highland, as suggested by the 1880 census for Highland, Wisconsin. Their daughtr Elizabeth (MCGuire) Solon also remained close by in Grant Co., Wisconson. By this time the familes of Matthew McGuire, Mary (McGuire) Solon, and Ann (McGuire) Quinlan were established on farms in Rock township, Sioux Co., Iowa.

In 1884 son Edward married Lizzie Egan in Highland, and they began to raise a family. On March 11, 1889, mother Bridget (Colgan) McGuire passed away in Highland at about age 73. Bridget and her husband James were both buried at St Philips Cemetery in Highland. A few years after Bridget's death the family of Elizabeth (McGuire) Solon also moved to northwestern Iowa establishing a residence in Doon, Lyon Co., Iowa. In 1894 son Matthew McGuire lost his wife Jane who passed away in Iowa at age 39. Matthew and Jane had a large family of twelve children, including Bridget, Mary, Anna, Eliza, Ellen, Rose, James, Kate, Joseph, Edward, Susan, and Matthew.

In 1897 youngest son James McGuire married Maggie Egan in Highland and began to raise a family. It was also around this timeframe that daughter Elizabeth (McGuire) Solon died in Iowa, while still in her early forties. She and her family were noted in the 1895 Iowa State census living in Doon. Elizabeth and her husband Thomas Solon had a family of eight surviving children: Margaret, Bridget, Mary, Anna, Elizabeth, James, Jennie, and Laura.

In 1900, the familes are found in the following locations: widowed Matthew farming in Lincoln township, Sioux Co., Iowa; daughter Mary (McGuire) Solon farming in Sioux township, Sioux Co., Iowa; daughter Ann (McGuire) Quinlan farming in Rock township, Sioux Co., Iowa; sons Edward and James McGuire farming in Highland, Wisconsin; and widowed son-in-law Thomas Solon working in Doon, Iowa.

On June 26, 1910, daughter Ann lost her husband Ed Quinlan who died at age 75. Ann and Ed Quinlan had a family of four surviving children, including Jame, Mary, Belle, and Thomas. Ann would remain in Sioux County, Iowa, passing away in 1932 at the age of 86. Both Anna and Ed are buried were at St. Mary's Cemetery in Rock Valley, Iowa.

On April 07, 1920, daughter Mary lost her husband Patrick Solon who died at age 74. Both had retired in Larchwood, Lyon Co., Iowa a few years before, and Mary passed away a short time after her husband, on August 08, 1920, at age 74. Mary and Patrick Solon had 11 children, including Michael, James, John (died as an infant), John N., Elizabeth, Mary, Emma, Thomas, Matthew, Kathryn, and Bridget. Both Mary and Patrick are buried at St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery in Larchwood, Iowa.

On March 29, 1923 son Matthew McGuire passed away, also having retired in Larchwood. He died at about age 83. Just a few years prior, in 1919, his widowed brother-in-law Thomas Solon had also passed away.

The two youngest sons of James and Bridget (Colgan) McGuire, Edward and James McGuire Jr., were still residing Highland, Wisconsin according to the 1930 census. Edward and his wife Lizzie had a family of nine known children, including Bridget, Margaret, James, John, Gertrude, Della, Isabelle, Edward, and Frances. James and his wife Maggie had two surviving children, including Mary and Pearl, as well as an adopted son George. Edward McGuire passed away in 1941 and his brother James McGuire in 1948.

Article compiled by Dennis Walsh, March 2007; update November 2009.