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Jemming Family History

Family of Anton Jemming and Johanna (Anna) Hoffmann
* Heinrich Jemming (May 13, 1838 - February 17, 1926), married Mary Hoeltzner on February 18, 1878.
* Anna M Jemming (April 14, 1841 - November 30, 1926), married 1st to Alexander Weinandt on February 05, 1861, and 2nd to Mathias Kessler on October 23, 1865.
* Mary Margaretha Jemming (May 12, 1845 - February 10, 1914), married Gottfried Schwery on April 15, 1869.
* Harry J Jemming (December 22, 1854 - November 19, 1902), married Eva Ballensiefer on November 14, 1876.
* Magdalena Jemming (August 15, 1857 - 1894), married Joseph A Streff on August 05, 1879.

Anton Jemming was born about September 13, 1811 in/near Hobscheid, Canton Capellen, Luxembourg. He was a son of Heinrich Jemming and Magdalena Schroeder. He married Johanna (Anna) Hoffmann on June 30, 1837 in Canton Capellen, Luxembourg. Anna was born about November 16, 1812 in/near Kehlen, Canton Capellen, Luxembourg.

Anton and Anna's first three [known] children were born in or near Kehlen, Luxembourg. Sometime after the birth of daughter Mary Margaretha, the family immigrated to the United States, in the latter half of the 1840s. They settled in Belgium township, Washington County, Wisconsin where the family is found in the 1850 census, along with numerous other families who also made the trip from Luxembourg (from the Grand Duchy and the Province). This area become part of Ozaukee County in 1853, and the family is found still in Belgium township according to the 1860 U.S. census. It was here the two younger [known] children were born, in or near the area of Holy Cross.

It was during the first half of the 1860s the Jemming family moved to Illinois. Also joining them was an apparent cousin, John P Jemming, who married Margaret Paulus in 1866 LaSalle Co., Illinois. It was in Illinois that Anton's elder daughters Anna and Margaret married their husbands, the aforementioned families settling in LaSalle Couny, farming in Richland and Hope townships by 1870. It was in 1870 that the Iowa Board of Immigration published Iowa: the Home for Immigrants, a guidebook that advised prospective homesteaders on procedures to be followed in the pre-emption of government land, of which over a quarter million acres remained, primarily in northwestern Iowa counties (e.g., Osceola, Lyon, Sioux, and Plymouth). This included a homestead privilege which entitled any person who was the head of a family or who had reached twenty-one years of age and who was a U. S. citizen to file a declaration of intent to homestead on surveyed government land not previously disposed of.

As a result Anton and his eldest son Henry secured land in Floyd township, Sioux County, Iowa in the 1870s. John P Jemming also located in Floyd township in the same timeframe. Anton's eldest daughters Anna and Margaret moved to Westphalia township in Shelby County, Iowa, while youngest son Harry moved to the Avoca area of Pottawattamie County, Iowa. Youngest daughter Madalena (Lena) married Joseph A Streff in 1879 Plymouth Co., Iowa. This is where the familes were found according to the 1880 U.S. census.

By the 1890s Anton and Henry were living in the Granville area of East Orange township, Sioux Co., Iowa. It was here that mother Anna died in 1890 and father Anton died in 1897, both buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery in that towship. Eldest son Henry and his family stayed in this area the remainder of their lives. Apparent cousin John P Jemming and his wife remained in the Hospers area of Floyd township the remainder of their lives.

In the 1890s the family of eldest daughter Anna had moved to Red Willow County, Nebraska, where her husband Mathias Kessler passed away in 1896. Anna would later move to Los Angeles to live with her youngest daughter, and where she died in 1926. Also moving to Red Willow County was the family of youngest daughter Magdalena (Lena), who died in 1894. Lena is buried at St Catherine's Cemetery near Indianola, NE, the same place that Mathias Kessler is buried. Daughter Margaret and her husband Gottfried Schwery remained in Shelby County, Iowa, spending their final days in Panama, Iowa where they are both buried. Youngest son Harry passed away in Southwest Iowa in 1902 and many of his family remained in the Atlantic, Cass County, Iowa area.

Among the descended families of Anton and Anna Jemming included Weinandt, Kessler, Schwery, Streff, Jurgensmier, Koll, Lehn, Leuschen, Weiskircher, Freilinger, Templeman, McConnell, Rollins, and Warwick.

Article compiled by Dennis Walsh, April 2005.