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Will of Jacob Mock
of Union Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania

Will of Jacob Mock, deceased, dated March 7, 1805, proved March 1, 1810. On March 18, 1810, letters testamentary in common form and custom were granted to Elizabeth and Jacob Mock, the Executors therein named, they being first duly sworn according to Law.

In the Name of God Amen I Jacob Mock of Union Township Berks County in the State of Pennsylvania the former being very sick and weak in Body but of Sound Mind and Understanding, Blessed by God for the Same, but considering the xxx of this transitory life do make and Publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following to wit ---

Principally and first of all I comend my immortal soul into the hands of God that gave it - and my body to the earth to be buryed in a decent and Christian like manner at the descretion of my executors herein after mentioned, and as to such wordly estate wherewith it hath Pleased God to Bless me in this life I give and dispose of in the following manner to wit --- ---

I give and devise unto my well beloved wife Elizabeth all of my Estate Real and personal during her widowhood and if she remains single all her life to be equally divided at her Death amongst my nine children if they should live until they are of age or married (for the following purposes) that she my wife Elizabeth may be enabled to bring up and school the young children. But if my said wife should marry then it is my will that my Estate be divided agreeable to law except as follows. I give and devise to my son John one Cow, one saddle and bridle which he is charged in my book nine pounds fifteen shillings for. I give and devise to my son Jacob one Black Mare and both saddle and bridle which is to be his immediately after my decease on condition of his staying with his mother on the place till he is of age (and at my wife's decease or the division of my Estate he to have fifty pounds more than my other children he behves himself well) and it is my will that my two youngest sons namely Matthias and Adam have schooling sufficiently for Tradsmen and put to Trades at the age of sixteen years if they should chose trades. --

And lastly I nominate and constitute and appoint my said wife and son Jacob Mock to be the Executors of this my last will and hereby revoking all other wills bequest and beqeueth by me heretofore made and Declaring this to be my last will and testament in witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this seventh day of March in the year of our Lord 1805. ---

Signed Jacob Mack (his mark). Witnessed and signed by Matthias Kaler and John Smith.

Other Notes and Documents

Jacob Mock's will was proven in March 1810. In the 1810 census for Union Township, Berks County, PA [p.679] is an Elizabeth Mock (2-1-0-0-0 0-2-1-0-1). In this household Elizabeth is over 45 years of age. Others in her household include 1 male (age 10 to 16), 2 males (age under 10), 1 female (age 16 to 26), and 2 females (age 10 to 16). In the 1820 census for Union Township, Berks County, PA is the household of Wm Richards and Mrs. Mock, listed next to the household of Jacob Mock (age 26-45), very likely her son.

Following the death of Jacob Mock's wife Elizabeth in 1828, her son Jacob is noted in a document, dated September 3, 1828, paying for 'digging a grave' and 'obtaining a coffin' An inventory of the Mock estate was taken on January 1, 1829. It describes the "inventory and just appraisment of all and singular the goods and chatles, rights and credits, which were of Jacob Mock, late of Union Township, Berks County and state of Pennsylvania, farmer, deceased, at the time of the death of Elizabeth Mock, widow of the said deceased." The inventory was appraised by James Everhart and Daniel Ubill, and affirmed in written testimony by Evan Evans.

Other court documents appear as testament of the younger Jacob Mock Jr's living and caring for his mother. In a document dated October 13, 1832, John Kaler offers testament that the younger Jacob Mock, about forty eight years of age now, lived on the farm of old Mr. Mock from the death of his father until his mother's death. Also living on the place with their mother were Adam Mock and Matthias Mock, two sons of Jacob Mock; and also a daughter named Sarah; and also a grand daughter named Elizabeth Griffin a daughter of Catharine.

At Orphans Court of Berks County, Pennsylvania appears a document dated September 23, 1833, regarding the Heirs of Jacob Mock versus Jacob Mock surviving Executor of the said deceased. In this document, "James Everhart, Esq, on his solemn oath deposes and says that Daniel Ubill and myself appraised the personal propery of the said Jacob Mock deceased after the death of his widow Elizabeth Mock, and the heirs of the said deceased were all present, except John Mock, and that two cows, one bed and bedding, one chest and one spinning wheel were not taken into the appraisment, but that it is agreed by Samuel Richard and the other Heirs, except John Mock as aforesaid mentioned, that Adam Mock should have one of the cows, Mathias Mock the other one, and Elizabeth Griffith the bed and bedding, chest and spinning wheel, so that it would then make equal to the other heirs up to that time, and in July 1828 myself and Daniel Ubill examined a house and barn put up on the property of the said deceased, before the widow's death, by Jacob Mock and estimated these to have cost five hundred and forty six dollars."

In the same document, Samuel Moyer, on his solemn honor, deposes and says that he has been acquainted with the farm and real estate of Jacob Mock, deceased, for about forty years past, and at the time of the death of the said Jacob Mock the said farm was very poor and groved over very much with brier and very stony, the improvements were two log houses and a log barn very much out of repair and would not have been worth more than eight dollars an acre at that time.

At a March 1829 Orphans court in Berks County, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Griffith is described as a daughter of John Griffith, late of Berks County, and a minor above the age of fourteen. A guardian, Evan Evans, was appointed to care for her person and estate, for which she received from her grand-mother Elizabeth Mock. Evan Evans appears in various Orphan Court documents to be a Justice for Berks County, in Robeson Township.

Documents related to the death of Adam Mock
of Union Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania

Adam Mock, born perhaps about the same time as his wife Rebecca, about 1802, died intestate in 1835 and left behind a widow and five children. Adam Mock is found in the 1830 census for Robeson township, Berks County, Pensylvania, living close to his probable father-in-law David Wynn and his brother Matthias Mock. By 1840 his widowed wife and some of the children are found living near Jacob Mock, brother of Adam, in Union township, Berks County.

On November 24, 1835, an inventory and appraisement was taken of the goods and chattles which were of Adam Mock, late of Union Township, Berks Co, PA, yeoman, deceased. On the same day Rebecca Mock of Union, Peter Mayer of Carnarvon, and Evan Evans of Robeson township, all of Berks County are held and firmly bound unto the commonwealth of Pennsylvaniam in the sum of $700, lawful money of Pennsylvania, to be paid to the said commonwealth. The document is signed by Rebecca Mock, administratrix of Adam Mock, deceased; Peter Myers; and Evan Evans.

On July 3, 1837, is the account (Book 12, page 658) of Rebecca Mock, administratrix of all and singular the goods and chattles, rights and credits which were of Adam Mock late of Union Township, Berks County, yeoman, deceased. Signed by Rebecca Mock.

Adam Mock's wife was Rebecca Wynn, daughter of David Wynn. The last will and testament of her father David Wynn is dated September 10, 1847. David was "of Union township, Berks county, Pennsylvania" according to his will. In his will he mentions his "late wife", and children (in the order given) Catherine Martin (wife of Robert Martin), Mary Rogers (wife of John Rogers), David Winn, Rebecca Mock widow (and her sons John and David Mock), James Winn, Samuel Winn, Anna Wagonseller (wife of David Wagonseller), Margaret Wagonseller (wife of John Wagonseller), John Winn, and Harriet Winn. He appointed Evan Evans of Robeson township to be executor of his estate.

At Orphans Court held at Reading, Berks Co., PA, on November 10, 1847, is the petition of Rebecca Mock, widow and relict of Adam Mock late of Union Township, Berks County, yeoman deceased who died intestate leaving five children to wit: John Mock, Oliver Mock, David Mock, three of the sons of said deceased, and Mary and Matilda Mock, two of the daughters of said deceased, who are still in their minority, by their guardian Evan Evans.

On January 7, 1848 in an order of Partition for the Real Estate of Adam Mock, deceased, an Evan Evans, legal guardian of all the minors appeared in court and was awarded an order of sale for said Real Estate.

On January 8, 1848 Evan Evans and John McGowen are bound for payment of $600 unto the commonwealth of Pennsylvania for an order of sale of the Real Estate of the minor children of Adam Mock, deceased, consisting of a certain messuage tenement and tract of land situate in the Township of Union in the County of Berks, aforesaid bounded by land of Clement Brook & Co, Land late of Stanly Kerby and James Sands containing twenty three acres. Signed by Evan Evans and John M McGowan.

The 1850 census enumeration for Union township, Berks county shows widowed Rebecca Mock with her children John (age 21), Matilda (age 19), Oliver (age 17), and David (age 15).

Will of Rebecca Mock
of Union Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania

Will of Rebecca Mock, deceased. Proved November 27, 1856 and letters testamentary in common form under the seal of offfice were granted to John Mock, a son, the Executor in the will named, he being first duly qualified thereto.
Recorded Volume 20, Page 369.

In the name of God amen, I , Rebecca Mock of Union Township, Berks County and State of Pennsylvania, being weak in body, but of sound mind, memory and understanding, and considering the uncertainty if this transitory life do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following to wit:

First, it is my will and I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be fully paid and satified, as soon as conveniently can be done after my decease.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary one hundred dollars, to my son Oliver five dollars, to my son David one hundred dollars, and to my grand-daughter Ann Eliza Fipps one dollar.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my son John all my estate both real and personal which may be remaining after the above mentioned bequests are fully paid and satisfied.

And lastly I nominate, constitute and appoint my son John to be executor of this my will, declaring this and no other to be my last will and testament, In witness wherof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this sixth day of October, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty six.
Rebecca Mock (her mark)

Signed, sealed and declared by the testatrix, as her last will and testament in presence of:
James W Wells (signature)
John W Evans (signature)

Descendants of Jacob and Elizabeth Mock
of Union Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania
(They had 9 children according to Jacob's 1805 Last Will and Testament)

1) Jacob Mock (born about 1783-85, likely in Berks County, PA), husband of Alice. Jacob died intestate in 1859 Union twp, Berks Co., PA. Their children included Jacob and James. Other possible children may include William Mock (born abt 1807), as well as Caroline A Mock (born abt 1827).
2) John Mock (born likely in the mid-1780s in Pennsylvania). [He appears to have married Rachel Chesnutwood - see below]
3) Rebeccah Mock (born September 16, 1789 in Berks Co., PA), wife of Samuel Richard/Richards, who lived in Warwick twp, Chester Co., PA. Their children included Elizabeth, Mary, Frederick, Sarah, David, Samuel, Charles, Rebecca, William, and Levi Richards.
4) Catharine Mock (born perhaps between 1785-1796 in Berks Co., PA), wife of John Griffith. Their children included Elizabeth Griffith, born between 1808-1815.
5) Sarah Mock (born perhaps between 1790-1799 in Berks Co., PA). She was living with her mother up until her mother's death in 1828.
6) Matthias Mock (born August 19, 1800 in Union twp, Berks Co., PA), husand of Hannah. Their children included Elizabeth, Levi, Jesse, Mary, Maria, David, and Anna M. They moved to Warwick twp, Chester Co., PA in the 1850s.
7) Adam Mock (born about 1802-03 in Union twp, Berks Co., PA), husband of Rebecca (Wynn?). He died in 1835 Union township, leaving 5 children: John, Mary, Matilda, Oliver, and David. Rebecca died in 1856 Union township as evidenced by her Will. They had a grand-daughter referred to as Ann Eliza Fipps.

More on John Mock:
As implied by being mentioned first in the last will and testament of his father, John Mock, son of Jacob & Elizabeth, was likely one of the older sons. His brother Jacob was co-executor of his father's will, making him a possible candidate for eldest son. Since his brother Jacob seems to have been born in the 1783-85 timeframe, John was also likely born in the 1780s. He may have been the John Mock, born February 23, 1784 (record at Historical Society of Pennsylvania), who married Rachel Chestnutwood (Chesnutwood). John Mock and Rachel Chestnutwood married on October 18, 1804, as recorded in the docket of Mathias Kaler, Justice for the Fifth District of Berks, PA. The same Mathias Kaler witnessed and signed Jacob Mock's last will and testament in 1805.
In the docket of Mathias Kaler, Berks County, Rachel Chestnutwood's sister Rebecca married Benjamin Millard on January 08, 1793. The Chesnutwoods were living in Union twp, Berks County at the time of Rebecca and Rachel's marriages, as indicated in the 1790 through 1810 census. The family of Jacob and Elizabeth Mock lived there as well. In the early 1800s, all the Mock families living in Union and adjacent Robeson townships appear to be of the family of Jacob and Elizabeth Mock. In the 1820 census for Robeson twp, Berks Co., PA, John Mock and family woud appear to be enumerated next to households of Benjamin Millerd and Benjamin Millerd Jr.
John Mock and family apparently moved from Berks Co., Pennsylvania by the 1830 census. He is listed as an absent heir in a Berks County administrative document dated September 23, 1833, a few years after the death of his mother Elizabeth. There is some indication that John moved to the Northampton/Carbon County, PA area, and that his wife Rachel may be the one buried at St. Paul's Union Church in Franklin township, Carbon County, PA. This Rachel died on October 08, 1848 at the age of 65y 1m 23d (birth within a few days of Rachel's recorded birth date). According to a record at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, two of John and Rachel (Chestnutwood) Mock's sons included Jacob, born August 03, 1806, and John, born October 19, 1807. In the 1860 census, an elder John Mock, age 76, was living in Kidder township, Carbon Co., PA., and a younger John Mock, age 52, was living in Banks township, Carbon Co., PA. The younger John Mock died in Jeddo, PA on March 04, 1887 at age 79y 4m 18d (birth within a few days of John's recorded birth), and he is buried at Upper Mauch Chunk Cemetery in Carbon County.

Other children:
An Elizabeth Mock (born about 1793) married Montgomery Hughes on August 19, 1813 in Robeson township, Berks County. Pennsylvania. She is a strong candidate to be one of Jacob and Elizabeth's nine children. An analysis of early 19th century census records indicate Jacob and Elizabeth Mock had a daughter of Elizabeth's age, and during this time the Mocks of Robeson and Union township can all be tied to Jacob and Elizabeth's family. Montgomery Hughes' parents, Edward and Mary, also lived in Union township, Berks County. By the 1820s Montgomery and Elizabeth Hughes were living in nearby East Nantmeal, Chester County, and their near neighbors included Samuel and Rebeccah (daughter of Jacob & Elizabeth) Richards. After Montgomery's death in East Nantmeal about 1832, his family moved back to Robeson township, Berks County where Elizabeth Hughes is found in the 1840 census. In the 1850 census widowed Elizabeth Hughes appears to be enumerated twice. In Robeson township she is enumerated with her sons Issac and Montgomery in the HH of Jesse and Mary Houck. In neighboring Warwick township, Chester County, PA she is enumerated with her son Montgomery in the household of her daughter Elizabeth Keller. Elizabeth's near neighbors in 1850 Warwick included the family of Matthias (son of Jacob & Elizabeth) and Hannah Mock. 1850 Warwick township was also the place where the family of Samuel and Rebeccah (Mock) Richards were farming. Court documents indicate that Elizabeth Hughes died in Warwick township in 1857. Her court documents record the names of John B Keller (her son-in-law), Jesse Houck (her son-in-law), and also Jacob Mock Sr. (her brother). Jesse Houck was named administrator of Elizabeth Hughes' estate. Jesse was the husband of Mary Hughes, the eldest daughter of Elizabeth Mock Hughes. He may be the same Jesse Houck who acquired the real estate of Jacob Mock (Elizabeth's brother) after Jacob's 1859 death in Union township, Berks County.

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