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The Huetteman Family
Westfalen, Preussen - to - Detroit, Michigan

Family of Joannes Franz Hüttemann and Anna Maria Elisabeth Röhrig

Johannes Josef (Joseph) Huetteman (September 07, 1840 - October 16, 1921), married Theresia Rademacher on February 10, 1870
Franz (Frank) Josef Huetteman (November 24, 1843 - August 28, 1922), married Bernadina Wessel on September 17, 1868
Maria Anna Huetteman (March 20, 1847 - unknown), note: she would seem to be the same as Josephine below
Josephine Huetteman (March 18, 1848 - April 19, 1931), married Caspar Schneider on October 03, 1871
Maria Thresia Huetteman (January 21, 1851 - December 1917), married Caspar Engelhardt on November 16, 1869
Notes: the birth date of Josephine is derived from family records. All other names and birth dates are derived from German records.

Franz and Elisabeth Huetteman were from the Westfalen region of Preussen (Prussia). The Hüttemann family lived in and near the town of Endorf while the Röhrig family were from nearby Schliprüthen. The marriage of Franz and Elisabeth was recorded on September 7, 1839 in the Roemisch-Katholische records of Stockum Balve, Westfalen, Preussen (note: the town of Stockum is a couple of miles west of Endorf). The marriage is also reflected in extracted marriage records collected by the LDS as well as shared by German researcher Manfred Emmel in the following transcription.

Marriage Record and Known Children:
Franz Huettemann, age 29, of Endorf
Elisabeth Anna Maria Roerig, age 28, daughter of Heinrich Roerig (Ort: Schlipruethen) and Anna Maria Pieper.
Married September 7, 1839, Stockum
Trauzeugen [witnesses]: Therese Funke, Johann Baulmann Rufaut, Endorf
Kinder [children: with birth dates of children]:
07.09.1840 Johannes Josef
24.11.1843 Franz Josef
20.03.1847 Maria Anna Josephine
21.01.1851 Maria Theresia
Sources: Saemtliche Daten aus den Kirchenbuechern Stockum sind im Erzbischoeflichen Archiv Paderborn am Domplatz zu finden.

The above records suggest the parents of Elisabeth Roerig (aka Roehrig) were Heinrich and Anna Maria (Pieper) Roerig of Schlipruethen, and that she was born about 1811. Schlipruethen (Schliprüthen) baptism records note that an Ann Maria Elisabeth Rörig was baptized February 27, 1811 in Schliprüthen, a daughter of Heinrich Rörig gt. Koch and Maria Franziska Pieper. The records also mention the children of Franz and Elisabeth as Johannes Josef, Franz Josef, Maria Anna Josephine, and Maria Theresia.

Children of Franz Huetteman and Elisabeth Roerig (source: LDS, batch C998553)
Johan Joseph Huetteman, born 07 SEP 1840, and christened 08 SEP 1840 Roemisch-Katholische, Stockum Balve, Westfalen, Preussen
Franz Joseph Huetteman, born 24 NOV 1843, and christened 26 NOV 1843 Roemisch-Katholische, Stockum Balve, Westfalen
Maria Anna Huetteman, born 20 MAR 1847 and christened 21 MAR 1847 Roemisch-Katholische, Stockum Balve, Westfalen, Preussen
Maria Thresia Huetteman, born 21 JAN 1851 and christened 23 JAN 1851 Roemisch-Katholische, Stockum Balve, Westfalen, Preussen

The family of Franz and Elisabeth are recorded in the year 1840, living in the village of Endorf. A transcription follows:
Volkszählung Endorf of 1840. 
Hausnr. 18
Name		Vorname			Verwandschaft		Alter	Beruf 
1 Hüttemann	Franz						30	Schmied 
2 Röhrig	Elisabeth		Ehefrau zu 1		30   
3 Hüttemann	Joseph			Sohn zu 1		 1   
4 Hüttemann	Maria Katharina		Schwester zu 1		28   
5 Röhrig	Anna Maria		Ww. Anton Winter	68   
6 Winter	Elisabeth		Tochter zu 5		23   
The above record reflects the family of Franz and Elisabeth living in Endorf (house #18) with 1 year old son Joseph. Also in the HH was sister Maria Katharina Hüttemann, and also an Anna Maria Röhrig (wife of Anton Winter) with her daughter Elisabeth Winter. Franz' occupation (beruf) suggests that he was a blacksmith (schmied).
The fact that Franz' sister is named in this record holds a clue to who his parents may have been. IGI records mention that a Joannes Franciscus Huetteman was born 10 Oct 1810, and christened 11 Oct 1810 Roemisch-Katholische, Stockum Balve, Westfalen, Preussen. He was a son of Ferdinand Huetteman and Regina Severin according to that record. Other family members of Ferdinand and Regina are also apparent in the IGI records, including a daughter named Maria Catharina Huettemann, born April 14, 1813 and christened the same day per Stockum Balve records.
German researcher Manfred Emmel suggests that Johannes Franz Huettemann, born 10.10.1810, the son of Ferdinand Huettemann and Regina Severin, was the same who married Elisabeth Roerig. He also notes that Ferdinand Huetteman's occupation was 'Leineweber'.

The family of Franz and Elisabeth are again listed in the Volkszählung Endorf of 1858.
Hausnr. 18
1 Hüttemann Franz			48	Flurschütz +Förster 
2 Röhrig Elisabeth	Frau zu 1	48	[wife of 1]
3 Hüttemann Joseph	Sohn zu 1	19	[son of 1]
4 Hüttemann Franz	Sohn zu 1	15	[son of 1]
5 Hüttemann Josefine	Tochter zu 1	10	[daughter of 1]
6 Hüttemann Theresia	Tochter zu 1	 7	[daughter of 1]
7 Hermes Margarete			63	arm ohne Beruf   [poor without occupation]
The above record reflects the family of Franz and Elisabeth living in Endorf (house #18) with their four surviving children Joseph, Franz, Josefine and Theresia.

The family of Franz and Elisabeth continued to live in or near Endorf over the next few years, before members of the family immigrated to the U.S. The reasons for this are unknown to this author but it may have been spurred by the death of elder Franz Hüttemann, who does not appear in the U.S. record. Initially the two eldest sons immigrated in 1866. This is reflected in an immigration ship listing for the ship "Mobile", which made the trip from Bremen and landed in New York harbor on June 18, 1866. Aboard that ship are listed:
* Joseph Hüttemann, age 25, farmer, Prussian, destination in the U.S. given as Michigan
* Franz Hüttemann, age 22, locksmith, Prussian, destination in the U.S. given as Michigan

Following in 1867 appear to be Elisabeth and her two daughters. Listed aboard the ship "America" which arrived from Bremen in New York harbor on June 14, 1867 are the following females: Elis. Huttemann (age 35?), Jose. Huttemann (age 20), and Therese Huttemann (age 17). Listed after them is William Peitz (age 20) who appears to be Elisabeth's nephew. William was a son of Elisabeth's sister Maria Theresia Roehrig who had married Ferdinand Peitz in 1843 Cobbenrode, Westfalen, Preussen. The family of William and Theresia Peitz arrived in the U.S. in September 1867 and took up residence in Detroit.

The fact the Huetteman family settled in Detroit, Michigan is apparent from the marriage records recorded there. Eldest son Joseph married Theresia Rademacher on February 10, 1870. Son Frank married Bernadina Wessel on September 17, 1868. Daughter Josephine married Caspar Schneider on October 03, 1871. And daughter Theresia married Caspar Engelhardt (Engelhard) on November 16, 1869. Joseph and Frank's marriage rcords indicate St. Mary's Church in Detroit, while Josephine and Theresia's marriage records indicate St. Joseph's Church in Detroit.

In the U.S. census record for 1870 and 1880, the elder Elisabeth (Roehrig) Huetteman is enumerated in the household of eldest son Joseph and his wife Theresia. Family records indicate Elisabeth died shortly after 1880, possibly in Pontiac, Michigan where she was enumerated in 1880. Son Joseph would become a businessman in Detroit, a partner in Huettemann, Rademacher & Co., who were wholesale grocers. His other partners were Wiliam Rademacher and John F Behlow. Joseph and Theresia Huetteman had a family of six surviving children: Joseph, Fredrick, Bernadina, John J, Frank J, and Bernard A Huetteman. Joseph and Theresia spent there remaining days in Detroit where Theresia died in 1914 and Joseph in 1921, both buried at Mt. Elliot Cemetery in Detroit.

The second oldest son Frank and his wife Bernadine had five surviving children: Bertha, Frank J, Theodore F, Josephine, and Leo C Huetteman. Frank was an owner of F. Huetteman & Co., along with Charles J Diederich and Anthony F Cramer. The Huetteman & Cramer Co. were noted as early manufacturers of refrigeration machines. Following Bernadines early death in 1904, Frank lived with his daughter Josephine Freund in Shelby County, Iowa. He died there in 1922, and both he and his wife are buried at Mt. Elliot Cemetery in Detroit.

The eldest daughter Josephine married Caspar Schneider, who was a blacksmith. They had a family of seven surviving children: Bertha, Theresa, John J, Francis J, Anthony C, Casper T, and Josephine Schneider. In 1909, Caspar died at age 68 in Detroit, and widowed Josephine lived with members of her immediate family. In 1930 she was living with her son Reverend Anthony Schneider in Adrian, Michigan. Josephine died the following year, and both she and her husband are buried at Mt. Elliot Cemetery in Detroit.

Youngest daughter Theresa and her husband Caspar Engelhard had a family of nine surviving children: Caspar (Father Dennis), Theresa, Ferdinand J, Elizabeth, Frances, Joseph, William C, Francis X, and Frederick D Engelhard. Caspar held various jobs while living in Detroit, shop keeper, laborer, and clerk and inspector at the water office. Casper died in 1915, followed two years later by Josephine. They may be buried at Mt. Elliot Cemetery in Detroit.

Shelby County, Iowa Connections

Various daughters of the Huetteman family settled in Shelby County, Iowa area to raise families. This included two daughters of Frank and Bernadina Huettemen, including; Bertha Huetteman who married Theodore Stessman on October 18, 1894 at old St. Mary's Church in Detroit, and daughter Josephine Huetteman who married William Freund on April 08, 1902 in Shelby County. There were also three daughters of Josephine and Casper Schneider with Shelby County, Iowa connections, including; Bertha Schneider who married John Stessman on May 26, 1891 in Detroit; Theresa Schneider who married Robert Koesters on September 23, 1903 in Shelby County; and Josephine Schneider who married Anton Casper Stinn in 1910 in Shelby County.

The Roehrig Family (in various records spelled Rörig, Röhrig, Roehrig, Roerig, etc.)

Heinrich Röhrig (Roehrig) and Anna Maria Franziska Pieper, parents of Elisabeth Roehrig Huettemann, had younger children christened in the Schliprüthen area who also immigrated to Detroit, Michigan. This included Maria Theresia Roehrig, born 1820, and Ferdinand Roehrig, born 1824. Theresia Roehrig's 1843 marriage to Ferdinand Peitz is recorded at Cobbenrode, Prussia and their family also immigrated to the U.S. in 1867. Ferdinand Roehrig, born 1824, immigrated to the Detroit area by the early 1850s and was married there twice, first to Theresa Schulte from Niedersalwey, Prussia, and second to Walburga Becker from Werpe, Prussia. The 1868 Detroit city directory mentions the firm of Roehrig & Huetteman, which was run by Ferdinand Roehrig and (his cousin) Joseph Huetteman. Ferdinand Roehrig is the 1870 Detroit census with his family, and boarding with them was (his cousin) Josephine Huettteman.

Heinrich Röhrig (Roehrig) was born February 09, 1775 Obersalwey, son of Johann Mathias Roehrig and Anna Maria Elisabeth König genannt Droste, and he died December 23, 1827 Schliprüthen. He married Anna Maria Franziska Pieper March 06, 1810 at Schliprüthen. Anna Maria Franziska Pieper was born July 16, 1787 Schliprüthen, daughter of Ferdinand Pieper and Anna Maria Gertrud Korte, and she died September 05, 1863 Schliprüthen. Heinrich Röhrig (Roehrig) was first married to Anna Maria Elisabeth Böhmer May 04, 1797 at Schliprüthen and she died December 22, 1809 Schliprüthen.

Children of Heinrich Röhrig (Roehrig) and Anna Maria Franziska Pieper included:
Anna Maria Elisabeth Roehrig, christened February 27, 1811 at Schliprüthen; married Johann Franz Huettemann September 07, 1839 at or near Stockum bei Sundern
Maria Anna Roehrig, christened June 16, 1817 at Schliprüthen; married Joseph Rhode genannt Hollestraten November 30, 1848 Schliprüthen
Maria Theresia Roehrig, born August 28, 1820 at Schliprüthen, Westfalen, Preussen; married Ferdinand Peitz June 13, 1843 Cobbenrode
Ferdinand Roehrig, born March 16, 1824 at Schliprüthen, Westfalen, Preussen; m. Theresa Schulte November 17, 1853 Detroit; m. Walburga Becker December 12, 1865 Detroit
Maria Francisca Roehrig, born June 26, 1828 at Schliprüthen, Westfalen, Preussen; married Franz Joseph Cathol (Kathol) June 27, 1850 Schliprüthen
Article compiled by Dennis Walsh, February 2007; updated January 2011